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Why entrepreneurs use Pitchagon

Pitchagon is a leading online marketplace and research company specialized in the tech industry. We connect businesses like yours with investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio in the tech industry, to help you get the funding you need and grow your business with ease.

Why successful investors use Pitchagon

At Pitchagon, we combine our one-of-a-kind research data with data from top financial institutions to give you access to a wide selection of pre-qualified tech startups and businesses and their business-critical information.

About us

We are a set of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative founders. We dare to challenge the old way of doing things. In everything! Now we're here to disrupt the tech investment industry.

We want to help as many founders and entrepreneurs as possible to grow their companies and build revolutionary solutions that forever will change the world in the best possible way. By connecting entrepreneurs with the world's investors, we increase the chances of today's ideas to become tomorrow's solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pitchagon?

Pitchagon is a marketplace and a SaaS (Software as a Service) that connects investors with entrepreneurs and their fantastic companies.

I am an entrepreneur, how can I benefit from using Pitchagon?

You can create your pitch deck by using the Pitchagon platform and then download your finished presentations in different formats and use when you pitch your business to investors, banks or others. You can also make your company visible to all investors around the world that are using the Pitchagon platform to scout for their next investment target. Put yourself and your company in front of the best investors. Invite the right kind of investors to your next seed round. Share your business presentations and negotiate the best deal for all parties.

I am an investor, how can I benefit from using Pitchagon?

Pitchagon platform provides the largest information about exciting companies from all around the world. Compared to other similar platforms, Pitchagon do not only provide financial numbers but also complete pitch decks, business plans, market and competitor overviews, DD-lights and many more data points that makes your job of scouting your next investment a real breeze. Time is money, right? Pitchagon is the time saving marketplace that connects you as an investor with the right entrepreneurs and companies at the right time. We make your scouting easier.

Who is using Pitchagon?

Mainly investment managers and associates, venture funds, angel investors, corporate venture firms, incubators, accelerators, growth equity firms, business development companies, private equity firms and entrepreneurs.

Can any business use Pitchagon?

Our core business is about connecting entrepreneurs/companies with investors. We help companies increase their chances of getting funded by providing the right information, at the right time to the right investor. Pitchagon is not a marketplace where the entrepreneur seeks an opportunity to make an exit. Pitchagon is a marketplace where entrepreneurs and investors gets together and starts a new exciting growth journey together.

As an entrepreneur, do I need to reveal everything about my company?

At Pitchagon we believe in transparency. Meaning that in order to attract busy investors, you really need to come clean and pitch your company fully and perfectly. Investors in our network get pitched hundreds of ideas every year. You really need to stand out from the crowd to attract an investor, and to do so, we believe the best way is to dare to tell the whole story. In the end, it's not about your business idea. You are always a crucial factor whether an investor will be willing to put money in your business or not.

How does Pitchagon get all the information?

We take pride in our Research department that makes unique daily interviews with entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world that can only be found on the Pitchagon platform. Our Pitchagon AI bots collect data points from the most important open sources. And some data is being bought by world class information suppliers. Along with our research department the most important source of information comes from all the entrepreneurs and their staff that constantly update their company profiles with the Pitchagon Pitch Deck Creator.